If you go past the auton line what happens?

Hello we had a tournament today and our opponent passed the auton line so is that a auton dq or a match dq? Just wondering

Auton dq.
Rules manual says it all


Execution by guillotine.

But seriously, read the manual, it explains all this stuff.
Keep in mind that your robot doesn’t necessarily have to cross the line for you to lose the auton bonus. If you knock any cubes over the line that counts too. Even if it doesn’t effect your opponents auton.


What about if you mess up your opponents auton? is that a match dq?

hows that possible

These sorts of questions should really be answered by consulting the game manual.

The relevant rule here is <SG2>:


like if u go past the auton line and you interfere with your opponents auton

If you test that won’t happen

As quoted by @holbrook - violations can range from losing the auton bonus to a DQ. That is entirely up to the head ref and will depend on the context of the situation.

Examples of how I would expect this to play out:

  • Your cube slides across the line and doesn’t affect anything - lose auton bonus only
  • Your robot shoots across the line (accidentally) and smashes into a cube tower but the other side had not even run an autonomous - lose auton bonus only (would be my guess)
  • Your robot shoots across the line (accidentally) and smashes into the other robot while they are doing their auton - no damage to other robot = lose auton bonus only (maybe?) - damage to other robot = match DQ
  • Anything done intentionally, or done accidentally over and over and over - match DQ

Again, those are just random examples and my best guess. It would all depend on exactly what happened, who was involved, how the head ref felt about the interaction, etc.


Thank you very much, this happened at our last comp. so i was wondering.