If you had to make a battlebot out of Vex EDR parts...

If you were making a combat robot out of Vex EDR parts alone, what would you attempt to build?

Would it compete against other VEX robots or real battlebots?

Let’s say other Vex battlebots

I’d say It would have to be some crazy rubber-band powered forklift that would throw the opposing robot into the air. The amount of rubber band force would be crazy, say about 60lbs.

I would probably have screwdrivers to take other robots apart :slight_smile: Also, a catapult to throw screws and wrenches at others.

I would have a pneumatic flipper on a supper pushbot. It would be moderate armor, so it would be fast, but still protected.

On second thought, I would just build this.

I looked at this and I thought “I know exactly what this is going to be” and I was right.

I’m thinking a twelve motor push bot with some extreme torque to just crush some of the other lightly armored ones.

Also, check this out:

skip to 2:09, that’s where the fun part begins.

You mean a robot that flips others?
I don’t know who would build a battlebot that is high & easy to flip

Vex should team up with battlebots and make a bunch of products and organize competitions just for Vex Battlebots! That’d be awesome.

And Expensive!

Somehow worse than the drone that wanted to drill into robots as a mode of attack.

Spinning metal flywheel and a flamethrower of death.

Flamethrower and squirt gun … unless they release the waterproof cortex.

@Jacob Walter

We know it is going to come out. #Watergame2017
Rubber band flipper would be the best.

I looooove the idea of Battlebots using only VEX parts. The one drawback I’ve always heard is how expensive it would be, but I mean any Battlebots (except maybe Ant-weight division, etc.) is expensive. And honestly I’m not sure how much cutting/exploding power VEX motors could do with spinners, etc. to the point where parts wouldn’t be reusable.

An 8 motor spinner (4 for the base and 8 for the blade) sounds pretty scary if you ask me.