If you have a rly good code for oatonomous...

post it here fast!!!
Dont ask why!!!

Looks like someone is out of ideas and needs a litle help!

Autonomous code is specific to an individual robot. Someone else’s autonomous code when loaded onto your robot isn’t going to do anything except likely cause problems. Looking at the code might help give you ideas, but I suspect you want to use it to have your robot do something in autonomous mode. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to write it yourself.

This is true because even if your robot is identical(which is highly unlikely) the program will act completely different. You need to write your own code for autonomous to work for your robot.

My only problem is that once autonomous mode is done the bot just sits there.
and doesnt do anything and doestn respond to signals from the controller.
The right light on the vex brain are lit but it doesnt work:(

Again, redownload the master code to the robot!!! Then it works!

when ever i try to make a autonomous code it does the same thing

Are you absolutely sure that your operator controlled code is in a loop?

make sure its in a while() loop. If its not, it will finish its routine, auto mode will expire, and the controller will think its done. So it needs to say in essence

while (auto_mode);
do this]
then this;

So when auto_mode is done, it will return to operator control see FVC competition template for variable names.

look in the handbook, and it tells you how to get autonomus mode for 2 and 4 wheel drived robots