If you have a v5 claw what do you have to make sure it is doing before you start a match?

For us last year we always had to make sure that the claw was all the way open or we would split the small green gear inside of the claw. We because we didn’t make sure the claw was open all the way, we shredded many gears. We even shredded some at competition.

I’m rather confused about what you’re asking


So before a match you might want to make sure that nothing is stripped and everything is working of course

If you have to open it up before a match try to remember that so it doesn’t break.

And just a reminder. Make sure the category is not iq since you are talking about the v5 claw.

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All I’m saying is what should you do before every match with a v5 claw

Make sure that nothing is stripped and that it works like every mechanism


And if you keep it open before a match so it doesn’t break then start doing that

No make sure the claw is all the open or it will close more than it needs to and will shred a gear

I know what I am doing

@Unicornlover what was the point of this thread lmao


you won’t be shredding those gears any time soon. Just put it in whatever position is in the size requirements or whatever you feel like.



Then why are you asking us?


Then why did you even ask then

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You have to make sure that you’re hallucinating and not using the v5 claw.


So this is the question I am assuming

Then you say this

So what is the question you are asking or did you figure it out already? We are trying to help not be rude.


Hey y’all,
It seems very obvious, to me at least, that this is a troll account. Just stop replying.

If you’re doubting it, just read “her” contributions to racial disparities thread (unless they were deleted or smth)


Looking at all the information given in her bio, it seems like she’s an actual person (in that there is someone named her going to the school of her team number), and judging by the brevity of her posts, I think she’s actually a middle schooler who isn’t used to nettiquite.

Regardless, if you are going to use a V5 claw to manipulate the year’s game objects, there are no restrictions on whether the claw has to be open or closed, as long as you start out in the 18" cube as specified in the rules.

And if you somehow shred the gears in the claw, I personally will buy the 12-tooth thin pinion pack and ship it to your school once it gets released.

If you are building a basic clawbot, that’s always a great first step to learning how to code, build, and manipulate game elements, but I might suggest looking at what other people are doing for their robots if you want to be able to score, because as of right now, the basic clawbot can only descore in this game; I don’t think the V5 claw is wide enough to grab the balls, and although technically possible, it is incredibly hard to put a ball through the top with the basic two-bar.


So I think what people are neglecting in the question is that her issue is starting position of the claw. I assume she is telling the motor to rotate X degrees and it’s hitting the physical limits of the claw and pushing really hard, until something breaks.

Her issue is mostly software related. There are many solutions, including adding a button somewhere so the motor knows where “fully closed” or “fully open” is. Another is to command a small voltage, say 20% for 1 second, it will run into edge but not provide enough power to break anything. More sophisticated techniques with current reading could also work but are probably outside the scope of the question.


If you want to reduce the number of destroyed gears, you can set a current limit on the claw motor with a single command using setMaxTorque()


In response to this, I also thought this was a troll account after its first couple of posts. It’s entirely possible that this is someone, a real person giving his/her real name, who is trolling anyway. (Or maybe someone found a team, a person attending that team’s school, and impersonated that person.)

Either way, it’s always best to not feed the trolls.

Just to question you guys