If you have a v5 claw what do you have to make sure it is doing before you start a match?

In the highly plausible circumstance that you are a legitimate person (which I believe you are) here are some general things to know.

  1. Welcome to the forum.
  2. While there are some clutter posts on the forum try and keep your threads to relevant or pertinent topics.
  3. instead of just asking a question or listing generic issues try and ask about specific solutions so that we don’t have to guess what the real problem is. Instead of asking the question. “If you have a v5 claw what do you…?” try “Is there another way to insure that a claw does not rotate past a set limit and damage the mechanism.” That would allow for a post such as @tabor473’s to be the first post and not the 18th.
  4. Most of us are questioning you.

well from @Unicornlover’s posts in this topic, I get the impression that they are trying to inform us of how to keep a v5 claw from damaging itself based off their experiences with having code that I’m guessing attempts to close the claw at the start of the match and instead tried to close the claw past its limit.
now to me, this sounds like either a troll or a very inexperienced member attempting to give advice to us.
now I’m going to assume the latter, because if they are a troll they’re doing a good job acting like a real beginner.

the issue you encountered with your claw is not a common problem, sounds to me like an issue in your code. Most people here have already moved well beyond using clawbot claws, and the issue you have is very much a you problem.

since you’re new here I would advise that you try to absorb knowledge, rather than try to dispense it. I don’t mean this as insulting, just a general tip. And if I’ve misinterpreted the point of this topic, I apologize.

in general you should try to make your meaning clearer, or you will cause confusion. for example, this topic is about v5 yet it is in an iq category. the title is so long it can’t even be displayed. the topic itself isn’t asking anything at all, just you telling about a problem you had last year.

to summarize: learn more, make clearer and more understandable posts, and if you aren’t asking any questions or sparking any discussion, you should be making a topic.


Seems kinda like a troll account because in this topic they essential for the same thing and are pretty vague. Does anyone have a good idea for a base for a robot? - #25 by Golf

Although it could be a real account but if it stops posting or sends out another one of these kind of topics I would assume it’s just a troll.

Are you sure you want to call me a troll or a beginner because I am nither of those

I am not a troll thank you very much

You joined July 14 that’s still a little new from when you posted.
People want to help and the community is nice.

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  1. He never called you a troll. In face he specifically said:
  1. It is OK to be a beginner. We all were beginners in VEX at one point or another, and we’re here to help you. But posts like this make us less likely to help. Take the time to read the words that people are saying and it just might help you improve. :slight_smile:

While I agree with Josh,

I am inclined to believe you are both


First of all, let’s not get too heated.

Second, all he is saying is that it is unlikely that you are not a beginner due to your use of the vex claw, which, no offense, is one of the worst ways to play vex. If you’re going to do it, you might as well put some thought and creativity into your design. And your various spelling mistakes can lend credibility to the idea that you’re a troll.

And third, and once again, I mean no offense, if you ask stupid questions, you’re gonna get stupid answers. It would be best if you streamlined your questions, so to speak. What I mean by that is making them more reader-friendly so that we can understand what you’re asking, so we can (hopefully) help you. As @Xenon27 said, everyone in the Vex community(for the most part) is really nice and would be more than willing to help.


the way you phrased your opening question made it sound like you have been breaking parts within your claw at the start of a match due to it being put into the wrong position, and that you are seeking advice on how to alleviate the issue rather then grilling us on a question that is not applicable to most players.

maybe you should work on how you phrase things next time.