If you were building a cap flipper then would you need a gear?

If you were building a cap flipper then would you need a gear or could you just attach your cap lifter to a motor with a axle. If you just attached it with an axle would it work?

You would need a drive shaft bar lock to get the flipper to turn with the axle.

find the picture of it here link text

Because the caps are light and I assume you will build it out of aluminum a gear ratio is not required.

Don’t know what you are getting at. If you are talking about a low flipper, you just need a lock bar or something. If you are talking torque wise for low caps that’d be fine as well.

If you are trying for a cap lifter I would recommend 2 V4 motors or 1 V5 motor with a torque ratio of 1:7.

To not just repeat what has been said, I was looking at using chain to do a 2:3 for torque early in the season. It would have increased power, but also be pretty quick.

I ued a gear like thing wich mite be what your looking for here is the link to it

Edit: the one on the left can be used for v5 with an outside gear

I do not believe a cap flipper should ever require to be on a gear ratio. Since you are turning a cap generally in the middle of a caps mass, you do not need a gear ratio but rathermore just be direct 1:1 to the flipper. A good example can be seen in my reveal in which my flipper uses no gears on it, 1:1 200 RPM, and is capable of flipping a cap no problem.

Do you think a speed ratio would be advantageous for robots of this design? Or would it just be too uncontrollable? What about for Cortex robots?