IFI Multi-Speed Motors

I was able to get some IFI Multi-Speed Motors for my Vex robot. Is there any way to make these compatable with Vex?

The IFI Multi-Speed Motors are not compatible with the Vex Controller.

The motors say they’re compatibly with any PWM input. Isn’t that what vex has? Could I plug a PWM extension cable into the old motors and then into the microcontroller?

Not sure where it says “they’re compatibly with any PWM input” but the Multi-Speed Motor was design for use with the EDU Isaac 16 Robot Controller and can be used with our Mini Robot Controller. The motor has a 4 wire female connector and the Vex requires a 3 wire male connector. The Multi-Speed Motor has 4 wires because it could connect to the Relay port or PWM port and act appropriately; so the circuitry inside is different.