Ignore Conversation Button: A Public Service Announcement

Commence Cecil Nightvale Voice

A few days ago someone pointed out to me that there was a button that allows you to mark all the threads on the main page as read. This I expect will come in very handy the next time someone posts a ton of spam in all of the most recent threads, leaving them marked as having unread posts even after all the junk is removed.

I figured I would pass along the favor by making a PSA about a feature of the forum that I think a lot of people are unaware and - I hope - will find quite useful. It’s called the “ignore conversation” button. It looks like this Ignore Convo Cropped.png. It’s found under the gray “Controls” dropdown on the right (under the search box) when viewing a thread. Here’s a more zoomed-out picture showing its location on the page.

Ignore Convo full.png

When you click this button, the thread will no longer appear on the main page with the other threads that have recent activity. It hides the thread, so you don’t have to ever see or think about it ever again. It’s almost like deleting a thread or making it disappear; except it only makes it disappear for you personally, of course, not for everyone else who might be using it.

I could see this feature coming in handy for many forum users if they encounter a thread that they feel is boring, stupid, or just not relevant to them. Hopefully you found this PSA useful.

I also didn’t know you could change the channel of a thread after you post it. Very useful stuff.