Illegal parking?

According to <SG10> Robots may not intentionally grasp, grapple, or attach to any field elements, including platforms. Strategies with mechanisms that retract against multiple sides of a field element in aneffort to latch or clamp on a field element are prohibited. The intent of this rule is to prevent Teams from both unintentionally damaging the field and/or from anchoring themselves to the field.
What is classified as “anchoring”?
Should we assume that the definition of anchoring is that of what was used last year, the dictionary definition?

Hypothetically if a team was to show up to a competition and have a pneumatic brake system (with rubber bands on the bottom to act as the “friction point”) that lifted their robot at least an inch above the ground, and they stay in place no matter how much force is exerted on their robot by opposing alliances.

Is this an illegal park?

That’d be legal as long as they dont pass the 18 inch vertical limit while doing so

I think it would be legal as long as they do not go around the edges of the platform and they don’t break the horizontal expansion limit.

What about if a part of the robot hangs down below the lexan of the platform, but doesnt touch the ground at all and isn’t at all usong the sides of the platform for grip?

that should be fine if even if it touches since it sounds like it’s from one side and isn’t grappling

just make sure to stay within the size limit

Yeah. The definition of a robot is that it has to be contacting the platform and not touching the field tiles (to put it simply) so, like @vyx said, that would count as parked. Also, please be sure to read the manual before posting on the forum. It’s often much easier to find your own answer than posting and cluttering up the forum.

@GeekGirl_06 was this in reference to a competition in Florida?