Illegal Vex Building Technics

Show me some illegal building Technics the judges would instantly disqualify you for.

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I don’t have pictures, but once the morning of a competition I decided to add two motors to the drive. There wasn’t any good way of attaching them quickly so I ended up attaching them with zip ties, worked surprisingly well. Also, in starstruck part of my drive was zip tied together because the nylon screws kept breaking.

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Sharp objects, mechanisms that attack other people, and extra motors.


Using other plastics on your robot other then the ones mentioned in the rule book . And using decorations as a functional part of your robot is also illegal.


building with sharp edges:

inspectors: “any sharp edges?”
us: “uh no”
inspector reaches in with hand to test for sharp edges.
inspector pulls out handless arm.
inspector: “I would hand you a file, but you know…”


wait, did you mean actually illegal building techniques? I thought you were memeing.



I’m guessing memeing.

Could just be wanting a guide on no no’s for inspection

Like hot glue to keep collars from slipping off?


Exactly, that’s the post

In regards to me during ITZ, I didnt know that locktite was only legal if used to tighten screws. So I used the strongest locktite as glue to fasten gears on an axle so I didnt need any shaft collars. I regretted not knowing that it was not allowed, but it’s lesson learned and ill never do it again, especially since it was a pain to clean up.


we used electrical tape in our first year to keep our axles couplers from comming loose

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If a judge disqualifies you as a result of illegal robot construction, something has gone wrong:

  • Judges review your team’s notebook and interview teams for judged awards (excellence, design, etc.)
  • Inspectors inspect your robot
  • Referees oversee matches and enforce gameplay rules

I’ve gotten used to the confusion between referees and judges.

at our events, referees usually work the inspection area to make sure all is good :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve never really seen the head referee inspecting but often other refs fill that role


This is mainly a thread to see what terrible building techniques you can think of

When two gears are slipping, if you need a 1 minute fix, rubber band or ziptie the axles.


Using the engineering notebook as lexan for the tray, by cutting it in half and welding it using a soldering iron onto the metal even though im not sure if it contains any metal, I’ll have to check its nutrition facts and ingredients.