Illegal Wall Bots?

Are wall bots illegal?

Wall bots are permitted with limitations specified in Official Game manual.

Basically as long as a string or a vex legal part (I’m not sure if wires count) is connecting all parts of it then yes, it is legal. Please note that it is legal for other teams to “attack” your wallbot, so keep that in mind while building if you choose to venture down this path.

They can be legal, so long as they aligned with the rules like lacsap said.

A few key relevant rules to note are:

  • must not detacch or intentionally disconnect
  • do not destroy or damage other robots
  • do not trap other robots for over 5 seconds

Special rules specific to wallbots allow other robots to use forceful measures against said wallbot.

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and not attach itself to field elements or perimeter.

There are a lot of details that a team considering a wall bot should absolutely read the Official Game Manual and if any specific questions about legality asked Official Q&A.

I loved seeing wall bots, but find them annoying at times :slight_smile:




One of my friend’s arguments against wallbot is that he says it closes off a part of the field and the only way for them to score would be to hook or clamp on, which would be forcing a violation.
Is that valid or is there something he is missing?

Hook or clamp onto what exactly?

Remember, when trapping a bot, trapping means limiting escape, not limiting access to part of the field. Additionally, if your tether is an entanglement hazard, and your mobile bot traverses the whole field in a way that puts all the robots at risk of entanglement, that could be ruled in violation of . If your mobile bot stays near the wall, or the tether is not an egregious entanglement , then you are in the clear. There are ways to use [multiple] field elements/walls to brace your wall so long as every instance of contact involves pushing away from the bot with a single non-concave point of contact (not hooking or grabbing).

I think your first line answered it but he meant clamping onto to the wallbot in order to move it out of the way.

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I think you can clamp onto a wallbot or grapple on to it because wallbots lose most protections by being walls and it is ok to damage or break them to get through.
Just dont use a hammer or something

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