I'm a beginner in Vexcode V5 Text, any tips?

I’m new to VEX and the programming for VEX EDR robots. I’ve learned about coding robots using C++ (and ROBOTC but it didn’t seem to work on Vexcode text…???) for the past few weeks with no prior text code experience or knowledge yet I’m on my way to joining a robotics team as their programmer. Anybody have good tips on how to program autonomous as well as driver control? Also, if there a specific way to program one thing or multiple ways? I’ve tried so many things from command references to tutorials from VEX itself but it doesn’t work. I have one set of code that worked, earning 5th place in a skills challenge out of 35, but it was a very simple code. I don’t have a picture of my code right now, but it’s basically using “ClawMotor.spinFor(parameters)” and “Drivetrain.driveFor(parameters)” and etc. This works but is it how most programmers program their code? Is there a more efficient way to do it? I’ve seen multiple ways from the tutorials but none worked except for these. Thanks for any help.


Use the expert autocomplete option and look at the parameters for certain commands and try to understand what they mean and/or what they’re asking for. I recommend doing this for some of the easier commands such as Motor.spin(); at first. Also, just try to code and fix what’s wrong with your code if you get errors. That’s how I learned how to use VEXcode.


This should help some… we’re working on more tutorials and to add VEXcode Text to STEM Labs in the future.



Thanks! However I’ve looked through that but it didn’t seem to work. Probably my fault it didn’t work actually, but what is written on there is also different from the command reference on Vexcode v5 text as well as their examples, so I’m confused…?


This really helps thank you

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