Im gonna make a Big metal piston spike machine

pretty much this, but for plastic bottles to punch holes in them so that they could be crushed for a school project where we are making a machine to sort, crush, and dispose of plastic bottles and soda cans, do VEX pistons have enough force to do that?



this does not answer my question


The pneumatic cylinder from VEX is pretty small, and will generate about 12 lbs of force at 100 psi. If you put a sharp end on the cylinder rod, and extend the cylinder quickly, you might punch through a plastic bottle. The piston itself, if you could remove it from the pneumatic cylinder, is just a small cylindrical shape with a seal around it, and probably wouldn’t do anything buy lay on the bench after you disassemble the pneumatic cylinder.


ok, noted, and thank you

also, i plan on useing pistons to crush the cans (attached to a plate of course) if one piston doesn’t work, would the Kerbal space program maxim “moar boostars” apply here?

Why not just get an air cylinder of appropriate size and stroke?

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i dont have those available to me at the moment

thanks for the link
@kmmohn would it still work though?

Not likely, the VEX cylinder is pretty small and has only a 2" stroke.

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If you were dead set on using vex parts you can link up multiple cylinders and use mechanical advantage to gain crushing power

exactly what i was thinking

well, if you had a red hot spike, it would sink through plastic bottles easy…

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we talking back to back matches kinda hot :hot_face:

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You could use one of my drive motors to heat it up


Ahhhhh yes big metal piston spike