Im making an application for VEX, how would I get in touch with the people who buy it?

I dont want to go too in depth, since it isn’t finished yet and would prefer someone not ripping it off. For someone who wants to buy it in VEX how would I get them?

I mean you could put in on an app store and hope competitors buy it. But I can’t really imagine people paying for any kind of vex app.


I mean me licensing to vex

vex isn’t going to buy an app from you.


well that sucks. oh well, guess ill try to just put it out there as much as I can when I finish it. It’ll be quite useful, or actually very useful, so people will probably buy it.

what are you making that could possibly be so special?


i am mr vex what do you need


I too have this question.


probably another scoring app lol

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Basically jsut something that lets drivers practice at home, increasing efficiency and letting people practice at home

Won’t go into how it works, since I’ll be ripped off quicker than I can finish it, but that’s the premise. I’m currently trying to figure out something but I might be done in 1-2 months

As far as an amateur app developer, you might do best to publish your app and simply ask for a donation if someone likes it (this is a very popular business model)…or simply publish your app for the benefit of the VEX community, and if it becomes successful, you have a “bullet point” for your resume/portfolio. I believe it costs $25 for a Google Play account to publish apps.

Doing things for the benefit of the VEX community is certainly not unusual; consider the various CAD libraries that are freely developed and shared, or field riser plans that are published for any team to build.

Making money from VEX…no…but you can take advantage of a niche market until VEX takes it over. For several years, our team made 1x1 aluminum angle which was sold by, but with the V5 clawbot VEX started producing it and eliminated that fund-raising channel for our team (fortunately, we didn’t have a huge investment in the tooling). Eventually, I suppose they’ll start making high-strength lockbars, too, but for now, our team gets a little funding through that project.


Wow, good for you. The Google play store might be the best option then. I didn’t know it was so cheap to get into. Well, when I finish it I’ll publish it on there. Thank you

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Or okapilib, PROS, and various other things maintained for free by the community.