I'm Newish

I’m new to the Vex forums and Vex in general just started working with it a few months ago anything i should know about forums?

So I’ll just list some do’s and dont’s

respond respectfully to people’s posts with an answer that can help them out

Don’t: give vague answers that can’t help anyone or are pointless

What i have seen recently is people including their name and team name in their posts. That’s what the signature is for

It is ok to have a typo or a few, and you can always edit your posts so don’t worry about that too much

Finally, the forum is a place to learn so take advantage of that by asking as many questions as you’d like and I promise no question that you may ask is a stupid question

Fill stuff in if i missed anything :slight_smile:

Also keep the forums clean, don’t make a new thread that has already been made. Before posting on the Official Q&A check the game manual and other Q&As.

Don’t jump to conclusions about people’s moods in posts. Too often I see people over reacting to posts. Assume that everyone has good intentions. If they don’t, ignore it and move on.

Be positive, learn lots.

I feel like this is worth emphasizing. There are already several threads about Starstruck intake designs/hanging/etc. It makes it really hard to navigate and find old posts for reference.

When you title a new thread, be as descriptive as possible with a handful of words. Don’t just title it something like “Vex stuff” or “I’m freaking out.”

Also be cautious in applying humor to your posts. As I have learned the hard way, there are some people in engineering who are less likely to detect irony, etc. and jump to the very opposite of the point you might be trying to make. This is especially true here, considering the international nature of Vex.

At the same time, it is the humor of people like @FullMetalMentor that keeps me entertained while on the forums! Don’t be too boring! :wink: