I'm rather confused - Vex time traveling?

If someone could explain how this works, that would be great! :smiley:
Screenshot 2018-06-09 at 4.30.04 PM.png

sum = 0;
for each Employee in Vex
return sum

I think they are confused that robotics competition existed before 2010…

Vex control systems were used in the 2000’s by FRC teams. The Pic, was a pretty spiffy upgrade from those systems in 2006. That tech followed by Vexnet, and the Vex backpack, grew the into the Cortex, that became VIQ, that became. V5. So, yes, they have lots of time in building this stuff. I have 12 years of doing robots with VEX stuff.

Not confused about all of that… I know a lot of vex history… I just want to know how they have 800 years of experience.

It’s most likely in reference to the combination of employees experience. Say Employee A had 5 years and Employee B had 3 years. They could say “our employees have 8 years of experience”

To be fair we can all be kinda confused there… but v5 should be quite redeeming

I can see what you are saying. If they had just said that VEX has 800 years of experience it would make sense that they are summing the years of experience of each individual employee. The fact that they add “employees” seems to imply that each employee has 800 years of experience, which is impossible. Unless my hunch that VEX is run by the reptiles trying to manipulate the future of mankind is true.

Edit: I put hours instead of years

But VEX doesn’t have 800 years of experience. That would require VEX, as a company, to have existed nearly a century ago.

Instead, the word employees clarifies that, after some reasonable mathematical operation(s) involving each relevant employee’s amount of experience, the result is greater than 800 hours. In this case, the mathematical operation is addition.

While I recognize the instinct to imply each relevant employee has over 800 years of experience given the way the sentence is written, this implication is in direct contrast to the as-written, direct interpretation of the sentence — the sentence groups all relevant employees together (“VEX employees have…”) rather than singling out each employee (“Each VEX employee has…”).

Side note: This is why I don’t like most advanced English curricula. They teach you to almost always imply the meaning of words instead of accepting them at face value (technically not instead of — the denotation of the words is just trivialized to the point where anything more than a cursory understanding of it is pointless).

Yeah, I agree with what you are saying. I was just trying to somehow fit my reptile joke into the conversation :P.

they used the new v5 time travel module

That module really helps to get max score during competition. We started a match with the V5 with the max score because we used it to start scoring before the match even began.

and paired with the v5 time freezing components winning is really easy against v4 bots.

If they had 48 employees for 17 years than the total number of years is over 800.

48 x 17 = 816 years

I know what they meant, but the wording makes it funny. =P