I'm Tired of Claws

I’m trying to design a build to move multiple objects upwards at the same time, using some sort of conveyor system or similar. Problem is, I do not have much experience with this, what I have being with the small balls from Turning Point, and it needs to be scaled up a decent bit (think cubes from Tower Takeover). If anyone has any advice as to what torque is best while still going as fast as possible, or about what materials/parts are best for this, I’d love to hear it.

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Using chain, sprockets, and treads like a conveyer belt can be good, as well as using rollers. You can look at reveals of robots already put out by great teams and get ideas from there. The forum is a great resource. Watching reveals of other robots can really give you some inspirations of what might work for what you want.

edit: after reading the original post more carefully, I’m not exactly sure if you’re trying to manipulate this year’s game objects for the purpose of competing, but I’d say if you wanted to manipulate objects that were similar in size to cubes in TT, then robots this year are a really good way to see how thats been done, since game objects this year are kinda similar in size to those last year.


What sorts of objects are you manipulating (balls, cubes, etc)?

Balls, specifically change up balls, though I’d like to better understand the more general ideas. Is this something that tends to change the design a lot?

Edit: clarifications

Instead of making a conveyor belt (outside the robot I’m guessing) Try bringing the balls inside of the robot and use a set of sprockets with rubber bands attached to them to move it up. Also, you can use non-slip mat to have it work better. Look up basically any Change Up robot and you will find this design.


in terms of dealing with spherical objects, manipulating balls to get them to higher elevations deals with the same principles in terms of how they’re manipulated. Although the size of the system may vary, could could use indexers from turning point in change up, although they’d need to be resized to accommodate the ball size.

With things like cubes in tower takeover, I’d suggest you look at the tower bots last year, like 88000K (or X, I can’t remember, the one that won middle school google). You could probably use a conveyer belt, but I’m not sure how successful that would be.

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If you are trying to move balls, probably the best thing you can do, is use rollers. Rollers are usually made from rubber bands and sprockets and are usually at a pretty fast gear ratio. Our robot this year uses the blue motor cartridge for some of our indexer rollers and it works fine. The change up balls are pretty light and can be moved with very little torque. If you are playing the game this year, I would focus on speed. Here are some examples of great intakes and indexers for moving balls for change up:

Good luck this season!