I'm unable to start using okapilib


I’m trying to get started with using okapilib in PROS.
I’m following the instructions over here.

In include/main.h, I’ve uncommented the line:
#include “okapi/api.hpp”

The next step says to go to src/opcontrol.cpp and remove the line:
using namespace pros::literals
though strangely I did not see this line inside of opcontrol.cpp

I also uncommented
using namespace okapi
from main.h

Building the code throws a huge amount of errors, which I can show the full error message of if it is important to solving this problem.

The output of
prosv5 conduct info-project
shows that I have version 3.3.13 of okapilib, and version 3.1.6 of the PROS kernel.

Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong? Please let me know if I need to include more details.

In main.h, above using namespace okapi;, there should be, commented, using namespace pros; and using namespace pros::literals; . Make sure those are commented, because the namespaces overlap if they’re not, leading to errors.

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