Image Assistance

Would someone be able to take out the background of the attached image and leave the Biohazard symbol with the green glow?

PM if you do! Thanks!

Do you have Photoshop? It’s easier to recreate from scratch. If you have Photoshop I can send you the project of you want.


Unfortunately no. I really want it though. I have been trying to use gimp. What’s the cheapest route to get photoshop?

Thank you sir!

Ummmm…wellll there is this site that has a bay with pirates in it…try that.

Here you go.
It’s old but it’s legal and free and still pretty powerful.

It’s old but it’s legal and free and still pretty powerful.

I forgot that CS2 is free now, the file should open in that version, I put it here.


All I did was pull a matte on the biohazard shape, create a clean version of the matte on another layer (actually two layers, easier that way), then use the outer glow effect on that to create the green glow.](“”)

Cool! Thanks guys.

How much would the newest photoshop cost?

Student edition is around $300 and personal/professional use is $699

I forget the details but I think its all moved to a subscription model now, something like $20 per month. I don’t know about the academic licenses, my son, who is at Berkeley, was given CS6 for free as well as lots of other software.

Photoshop Elements can be purchased for fairly cheap, too. It doesn’t have all the features of Photoshop, but it’s been good enough for what I do.

I had linked the wrong file, who know why, here is the correct one.

How’s this?

(Made with GIMP :))