image problem, help

for some reason, in the gallery, some of my images are shown black, look for your self, anyone know how to fix this???:mad: :eek:

Make sure you’re uploading it in a format that the forum recognizes.

yea, the pics that are black and the pics that are visible are the same format, both recognised by the forum, i will take this thread to the technical forum, look there for replies

Same thing happens to me. I don’t think anything is wrong, I think that whomever uploaded the picture had some kind of error and they did not go through all the way. I don’t see anyone replying to those “Blackened” pictures, so that’s what I assume. One time I did go to a picture that was black and there were posted replies to it, but I refreashed the page and the picture appeared, try that.

i figured it out, to view blackened pics, click on them.

the only reason they are black, is that they are too big for a normal screen, like stated previously, just click on them.