Images on v5 brain using block code

I didnt want to revive old thread but does anyone know how to draw or display images on a v5 brain using blocks? I have read all the other threads but they all involve either python or c++. Honestly i just need to know how to code it to draw anything but if anyone can tell me how to display the yellow and blue of the Ukraine flag in blocks, that would be great! Thanks!

I really don’t know. I think you can draw pixels on the screen, so use blue color on the top half, and yellow on the bottom. I have time and will see if I can show u.

thank you!!!

see if this works, you will need to change the values of where, but I am in science class and away from my robot. Send me a pic plz when you finish.Screenshot 2022-03-04 11.04.26


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i just spammed the exclamation mark and it only allowed 3 for some reason


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i know. when i said ‘thank you!!!’ i posted enough eclamation marks to fill up the twenty chacrters. why they limited them to only 3 i dont know

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Did you do it? If so please send me a pic so I can add it to mine. I have states tomorrow and would like to have it displayed.

so it works but i dont know how to make it so both rectangels go across the lengeth of the screen. like the flag

if you can get the numbers to work please send it

Try clicking the question mark button at the top right (if it’s the same as IQ) and then the draw rectangle block and it will (probably) tell you stuff like what all the inputs mean. My guess (without any exposure to V5) would be the first one is x coordinate of maybe the top left corner of the rectangle, the second is the y coordinate of the same corner, the third is the width of the rectangle and the fourth is the height. If you don’t want to look for the info somewhere or do the question mark thing, you can change the values and re-download and see what changes, but that’s probably slower.

My quick lookup results

I looked up the corresponding function (drawRectangle) for V5 text and found this function on the V5 API page:

Most likely, the blocks inputs will correspond in exactly the same order as in text, so you could probably just bet on it and change the inputs to something like 0, 0, 300, 100 for the blue part and 0, 100, 300, 100 for the yellow part. I really don’t know if 0, 0 is the bottom left corner of the screen, the top right, or the center, so if you copy and paste those numbers into your function, you could end up with any of a number of different things. That’s what the inputs are, though. Hope I helped.


This is a massive help!!!

did it work??? plz send screen shots!

You can take screenshots on the V5 brain? And export them? HOW?!!!

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no i mean of the numbers in which you have to input to get the right size.

You can do this with the pros terminal.

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It worked all day today, here are the correct values


what are they???
pleaswe give the leaks!!!

These are the values you put into the block, in order. It will be 4 values, these are in the correct order. What do you means leaks???