Images won't upload

Hello VexForum,

I have recently been trying to upload some images onto Vex Forum, however they fail to load no matter what I try. I’ve tried attaching files in .jpg and .png formats, and have tried imgur links as well. Please let me know if there is any way to fix this.

Thank you.

does it give you a specific error when you try?

nope… the images just don’t load for some reason :confused:

hmm. try compressing them into a .zip file and posting them here as a test.

Here we go… (3.35 MB)

the zip worked… huh.

indeed. I use zips with video uploads, but jpegs work fine for me too.

nice drive btw


I use Google Drive links for vids. My phone just takes the correct .img file to upload without an issue, I guess.