IME/ESD Firmware Update?

With the VEX competition season nearing full swing, do you have an ETA/update for the firmware regarding the IME/ESD problems we were having earlier this year. I don’t know which encoder to use at this point as I’d rather not use IMEs if they’re susceptible to failure during competition.

There has been no progress on this firmware version, and there are no planned firmware releases in the next few months.

The comments made by James Pearman and others in the below threads do a very good job of discussing the problem, and providing potential ways to alleviate it:

I hope that your team will be comfortable using the IMEs, but if they’re not the VEX Quadrature Encoders will still work very well in almost all robotics applications.

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OK, someone from VEX (can’t remember who) mentioned that you guys would be coming out with a firmware update to fix the issue. We’ll get back to testing the IMEs again. Hopefully our robot won’t be “picking up” as much static, as we don’t plan to have metal and polycarbonate dragging across the field pretending to be a tray :slight_smile: .

It is on the list of things to do, but has not been completed. Unfortunately there are other projects which popped in front of it before our software and electrical engineers could solve the issue.

We’re very happy with the progress made by ROBOTC in eliminating the issue on their end, as discussed by James in the threads I linked.