I have got a couple of IMEs which were working fine but now seem to have given up. The LEDs are of 99.9% of the time and occasionally blip green.

According to the VEX site this means:
“Green Blip - I2C communications lost, initialized and in neutral”

This would suggest that communication was made at some point but I am sure in the past, the LEDs would be orange/yellow initially, then go out and flash green when in motion. However, now, there is no orange/yellow light after Cortex power on.

Cables appear to be connected OK - will dig some spares out and swap them out to see if that makes a difference. Does anyone have any other ideas?


Remove the daisy chain and try each one out by them self. Also the plug is real picky try unplugging and plugging back in.

Predictably turned out to be a break in the first cable.