IME problems

I’m using IMEs on my drive train, one on each side of my tank drive. The first IME connected to the cortex works fine, returning values as it should, slowly blinking green once (pause, blink, pause, blink). The second IME, connected to the first, only returns values of 1 or -1, seemingly at random, and once it returns a value, it doesn’t change. It’s slowly blinking green twice (pause,blink blink, pause, blink blink). When I connect the second IME directly to the cortex, the same thing happens, it only returns values of 1 or -1, and doesn’t change. It still blinks slowly green twice. Can anyone help?

Is it plugged in right? Have you tried a different IME. Is it initialized. Have you looked at the online color chart for the IME’s LED.

I switched IMEs, and it worked. Thank you.

We have had the exact same issue with IME’s a number of times, we just go to the next one and throw them away.