IME Question

Is it possible to write the PID output to a variable in order to assign it to two motors (one with IME, one without IME) as shown with one encoder in the IME PID example in the following link? Thanks!

We do not recommend doing that. If one motor binds, the loop will have no feedback to adjust that motor.

But you can get that information using the PID Debug Feature.
See, under the help file: easyC V4 for Cortex :diamonds: Advanced Features :diamonds: Get Integrated Motor Encoder PID Data

ok thanks for info. can the IME PID function write directly to a variable which would later be assigned to two motors on the same side of our chassis (physically chained together)?


No it cannot, but the debug feature can write the current output to a variable and would work as you suggest.

You may also want to look at Smart Tasks -> Motor Module -> Smart MultiMotor Control

ok thankyou for the clarification. i was attempting to send the PID output to a variable and from there send that to a motor. would the smart task you described be able to control two motors that are physically linked with only one having the encoder or would i need to write that to a variable from there? thanks for all your help.

Yes it would, it can control upto four motors from one source.

I guess you could also use a Y cable before the speed control to make the PID work as you want.

i think that i have solved my issue by using the smart tasks. my whole thing was that i was trying to not have to use y cables as i have one of the motors in a 2 wire port and the other in a 3 wire port with a motor controller on it. so the smart tasks ended up to be a better option anyways.

Thanks for your help!