IME questions

We recently got 2 IMEs and wired them in daisy chain style as shown in the RobotC tutorial.
We can only get readings from the one pluged into the cortex, not the one daisy chained to the one pluged into the cortex.
Does anyone know the problem? Thanks!

Can you post your code. Specifically the pragmas but would be best if the whole code was posted.
RobotC or EasyC

Are you reading a 0 value or is no sensor shown?

Also, are you sure the wires are completely plugged in? Some IMEs are a bit of a squeeze - obviously don’t force it to the point of breaking.

i find with IME’s that they are stupidly hard to get the cables in, so what i suggest is using a 3/32 allen key and gently push the 4 wire cable into the slot on the stub of plastic, what i do all the time, no problems so far

also what colour are the lights on the IME’s when the cortex turns on, as they should be green of some sort, if no lights, connection issue,

On my left side, I’m reading values whenever the motor spins, but on the right side, it’s always a zero, regardless of movement.

The left is green, sometimes blinking, the right is red I believe.

Here’s a link from the vex wiki about the Integrated Motor Encoders. Check the LED patterns part of the page. It should help.

If the led is red then that IME has not initialized, check the cables are fully plugged in and correctly oriented.