IME Sensor Help

We have installed 4 IME’s to our robot. When I go to the Sensor Debugger window, and run the robot’s encoders, only one of them show the amount of degrees.

Are they not plugged in correctly?


The one plugged directly into the Cortex will be seen as I2C_1; the next one in line (that plugs into I2C_1) will be I2C_2, etc. Make sure you have them set up correctly in the Motors and Sensor Setup window (I apologize for the older graphic, we are in the process of updating):

Also, check to make sure that the cables are plugged in fully and firmly, and that the encoders are giving you green lights when plugged in and turned on.

From what you have said, I’m thinking the problem may not be a wiring issue but rather an issue of the encoders not being set up in the Motors and Sensors Setup page: