IME stops responding

EasyC; Cortex Firmware 3.23.
Installed 393 motor (high torque) w/IME counting clicks to stop motor (Auton) instead of using Wait statement.
About halfway into a competition the IME seems not to work. This just again occurred at a second competition. In the pits or at school the Auton works fine using a computer or manual competition switch; lights look normal. Any thoughts?

How many IME’s are you using and how long is the cable? We tested the IME’s with eight connected in a row for 48 hours. If the IME’s loose connection they will stop counting and the others in the chain will cut out. It would be best to look at the LED on the side of the IME when it cuts out. The color and pattern of the LED will indicate the failure. If it’s not blinking Green there is a connection problem or something is causing them to reset.