IME value does not change

Hi guys. I have yet another issue with the flywheel that I have. The IME’s that I have on the system always return 0. I am pretty sure that they work because when the flywheels run, they blink fast according to the speed, but when i check for the value in the debugger, it is always 0. It never changes. Does anyone have any advice. Btw, it is both encoders that don’t work, not just one.

I dont know much about this in preticular but something that we encountered was our refresh rate on getting the IME readings was too fast and thus it was returing ones and zeroes.

Thank you Infinity Dragon, but the problem turned out to be that the first encoder in the series was broken, so it was not allowing either encoder to return value. That is one of the downfalls of these encoders. If one breaks, the rest in the chain do not work either. If anyone else has this problem, try changing the first encoder in the chain.

Well I am currently having a similar problem. But I do not have a chain of encoders, just 1 on the flywheel. Most of the time everything seems to be working fine. But every once in a while I will power on the robot and the encoder displays a orange light and returns no values. I have change the 4 prong wires, encoder cap, and even a vex net key. I have no idea what the issue is, looking for assistance

This has happened to us as well. I don’t know of any permanent solution to this, but we usually power cycle the robot and then it works fine. You may want to create a separate thread in the official technical support channel to get some better results.

What does power cycle mean? Just restart everything? Cause that is what I have been doing but sometimes this even does not work

And alright, ill probably just copy and paste my first post