IME White/Black Gear (Standalone)

It would be nice to be able to purchase the gear with the black and white sticker on them separately from the IME. Maybe even just the sticker? We could put them on the original motor gears ourselves. When these get damaged (or lost) it makes the whole IME useless. Stinks to pay $30 for a gear with a sticker on it.

Seems like a very simple thing that could be added any time quite easily.


Yes, this would be awsome! We’ve lost some of our IME black and white gears as well over the years.

Thank you for bringing this to our intention, we think this is a great suggestion! However, instead of allowing customers to purchase stickers, we will release the sticker image free to print from the IME product page. Look for this update to the website in the next couple days.

Yippee! Thank you so much!


The Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module product page has been updated to include a printable replacement encoder wheel. Please take a look

Thank you all for the product idea! Customer feedback is what allows VEX to continue to improve.