IME's not working now

My IME’s were working fine, now they are not. They are not getting any readings and the red light is on. They just quit all of a sudden. I have checked wires, connections, etc. All are ok. Does anyone have any suggestions, thanks.

I’ve pretty much given up on IMEs. They are just way too finicky for me. But perhaps someone will offer a suggestion that makes them worth using again - I just have way too many problems with disconnections if the wire moves the slightest bit.

Check again to make sure you have no shorts. Make sure ALL connections are snug. And if you still have a problem, then redownload firmware.

Has anything else changed? Did you do a software update? Are you on ROBOTC or EasyC?

Once we had one of the screws that holds motor to the plastic insert fall out and short out the IME which in turn shorted out the cortex. Try opening up the motor just in case this is what happened.