IME's Not Working?

I have been using 5 IME encoders, 4 on drive and 1 on Intake, and they have been working fine. But suddenly they all stopped working and all display a solid orange light. Does anyone have any suggestions at all as to what i should try to do to fix them?

As a first step, connect each one directly to the Cortex and see if there’s one that doesn’t work. Since they are all in a chain, one going bad can mess up all the ones behind them. Also, check the connections and make sure you’re initializing them correctly in your program configuration.

How do i properly initialize them in the program?

The encoder that plugs directly into the cortex would be labeled as I2C1, then the encoder that plugs into that encoder would be labeled as I2C2 and so on.

I am having a similar problem. I only have one encoder though on my flywheel. Everything usually seems to be going well. But some times when I turn the robot back on the orange light is shown on the encoder and it does not seem to read the values. All I have to do to temporarily fix this is restart the robot but I am looking for a permanent fix so it does not mess up at a competition

The orange light usually means there is a bad connection. Our team had the same issue during our first competition but only the first IME in the chain worked. We ended up giving up on IMEs until lately. For us, we had to make sure the cables that chained the IMEs together were plugged in and even though we really thought we shoved them in, it wasn’t enough. I got them to work by plugging the pin side of the cable into the IME then the non-pin side, and really made sure I pushed them in hard. You have to do this for every one and it is kinda annoying. Hope this helps.