Immersion Programme – Hai Sing Catholic School

Hi all, I am Mr Teo from Hai Sing Catholic School, the teacher in-charge for teams 8066 / 8065 series. My school is actively seeking ways to internationalise middle school education with a view to providing our local students and staff with more opportunities to experience overseas immersion.
As such, I hoping to squeeze in a short immersion trip just before the Vex Robotics World Championship held at Kentucky Exposition Centre. I will be bringing 6 teams – 8066A, 8066B, 8066C, 8065A, 8065B, 8065C for this championship. I had previously linked up with other china teams for exchange programme but never before with a US school. Is there any US school near the state Kentucky with Vex robotics teams willing to tie up some short immersion programme?
Preferred to have a US school near Kentucky with Vex robotics teams , the full skyrise set up and original playfield perimeter.

Mr. Teo,

Welcome to the forum!

Here are 4 schools that may/willing to help you. They are all in Kentucky and have VEX teams and programs. If you coming to Atlanta, Georgia area I’m sure our school would love to assist you and share in this wonderful opportunity and experience. Let us know if we can assist you more.

Madisonville North Hopkins High School (Madisonville, Kentucky)
Ed Milum
Contact Email:

Boyle County High School (Danville, Kentucky)
Dudley Spoonamore
Contact Email:

Owen County High School (Owenton, Kentucky)
Rusty Willhoite
Contact Email:

Elkhorn Crossing School (Georgetown, Kentucky)
Shane Ware
Contact Email:

We are in Missouri and if we were closer we would love to assist in the program sharing. If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Hi Team Legend,

Thank so much for the prompt response. I din expect to get any positive response from the forum. I really appreciate your suggestion and is taking that into consideration . On our side, we need to work out the travelling detail with all the 4 schools you had proposed including yours.

I have already emailed you some suggestion . You can take a look offline .

Hi cyberpirates ,

Thank you for the warm reception, i am working out some programme with Team Legend. I am planning (if possible) to have kind of a warm up session at some school near Kentucky. Good to have a few schools, i don mind high school or middle school. But must be carefully planned as i am sure we don want to over crowd the school, and damage our bot.Will definitely update you guys onboard when the we have some things firm up.

Mr. Teo,

I am currently moving and taking over a young and upcoming team 9571 in Murphysboro Il., around 3 and a half hours away from Louisville, and want you to know that our doors would be open for your team to use. I know our group would benefit from a meting with such a great team. We have a field and an in class computer lab with full robotC licenses available to use. I would also like to invite you to the Mineral Area VEX event on April 11th. We are planning on, hopefully, using this event as a warm up for World’s as far as skill runs and elimination strategies go.

If interested you can PM,


Hi John,

Thank for the invitation! I will take into consideration every invitation. Do you have a email which I can link up with you ?

Beside anyone’s username in a post, click on the blue/green circle, and in the menu there is the option to send private message.

Mr Teo Yee Ming
I represent 6135, 4104, and 2886 in Kentucky 30 minutes south of the Worlds Event venue in Elizabethtown, KY. I sent an e-mail through the forum system, but it did not act like it sent. We would be interested in hosting and collaborating with your VRC teams.

Program Information for previous post:

Last years website for 6135:


We have 5 fields and 4 skyrise game element sets, hosting practice and scrimmages would be great.

Hardin County Schools - Early College Career Center - Elizabethtown. KY

Hi vxrobomentor ,

Thank for the mail. I got it. You mail is indeed very detail. I will connect up with you from there.

Mr Teo Yee Ming, I am the mentor for an independent middle school program in Kentucky and while I certainly would enjoy spending a couple of days with students from such accomplished teams hosting is not possible for our team.

I am writing to endorse Mr. Neagle’s offer. While he primarily is involved with a high school program, I think as an educator you would certainly enjoy seeing his facility at the EC3–Early College and Career Center–where his students can begin their college studies before even graduating high school. And he certainly has several good families among his students that can offer world famous Southern hospitality.

The Hardin County program is also the third closest VEX program to the Louisville World Championships being less than 1 hour away with only two smaller programs in Louisville being closer.

The Elizabethtown, Kentucky area also presents two or three unique touring opportunities for the teams and mentors. Nearby Mammoth Cave to the south–the largest cave in the world–is certainly something your students would enjoy touring and your adult chaperones might enjoy visiting one of Kentucky’s famed bourbon distilleries less than 30 minutes away while the students are immersed in a school day–samples are not free but sniffs are and souvenirs are available for purchase.

And regardless of whether our team qualifies for the world championships, I plan on attending and will certainly try to find your teams and welcome them to Kentucky as well. I already plan on locating Mr. Meng from 8059C to thank him for sharing so much on this forum.

Congratulations on qualifying and Good Luck in Kentucky.


Thanks. We look forward to meeting you too.
I have always enjoy the interaction and catching up with overseas friends during Worlds :slight_smile:

And most likely 8059 will be tagging along with the scrimmage or school visits as well.

Hi all,
Thank you for all your offers and invitations, I am honored by the overwhelming response from the forum. Over the past few days, I have taken all your offers into careful consideration and I am glad to announce that I have decided on accepting Mr Jason Neagle’s, from Hardin County Schools-EC3, offer.
On a personal note, I am grateful for all your help and am pleasantly surprised by your willingness in promoting other schools and even endorsing them. I would like to thank Cyber Pirates, Mr Neagle, Team Legends and gcfky for your gracious spirit.
The immersion program will be held at Hardin County Schools, Early College Career Center. Thank You