Imparting Energy on Ball

Hey guys i was wondering about rule SG6. i have a meet tomorrow and I was wondering what it meant by “imparting energy”

Here is the rule: "Any Scoring Objects introduced during the Match as Driver Control Loads must be either
gently placed on a Robot of your own color touching the Loading Zone or gently entered into the
Loading Zone of your own color, by a Student Drive Team Member during the Driver Controlled
Period. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to introduce objects into play, but not to impart energy
on the Scoring Object which will cause it to end up in a position outside the Loading Zone. "

So could we impart energy on the ball as long as it doesn’t go outside of the loading zone?

I think it means that you are not supposed to throw the ball, roll the ball or put more force than gently setting it near or on your robot.

You cant intentionally roll the balls out of the loading zone, yes

thank you

The point of the rule is to keep you from introducing an object in the loading zone that you push out of the loading zone or help power a mechanism.

We were disqualified for this in a tournament because we imparted too much energy on the ball going into the robot ( by rolling then by placing too hard). I think ti is decided by the referee at the event how the rule should be interpreted

its such an easy mistake and hard to be match affecting, disqualification seems a bit much

Well we were warned 2 times. I think they just didn’t understand the rules properly, as it was the first tournament in our area.

What do you guys think about putting an object in the intake by forcing it in through the side. Is that “imparting energy.”

It would be up to your specific head ref but the way my past 2 head refs have judged it that wouldn’t be legal.

I don’t see how this is relevant to the imparting energy part of the rule. If anything I would think it would violate the gently part of sg6

Yes, you are probably right.
To my interpretation, this kind of action seems Illegal, but it is probably up to the head ref.

As I have seen it clarified, priority 1 is safety. If it’s not safe, then a referee shouldn’t allow it.

Priority 2 is, does the ball get rolled or thrown or placed out of the loading zone before touching the robot? If it doesn’t touch the robot first, it shouldn’t end up outside the loading zone.

Any interpretation beyond these two priorities is more restrictive than what is in the rules or more than (what I have seen) has been clarified in the Official Q&A.

Looks like it is legal