Importance of Design and Tradeoffs

So when talking to my kids a question came up what is a better trade-off when designing the robot this year. Should you be a robot that can quickly catapult stars to far zone and hang in under 5 seconds or should you be a robot that can quickly catapult stars and cubes over the fence. Now with being the star and hang robot you’re gonna have to rely on your partner to either move those cubes into lower point range or score them over the fence when you’re hanging, which in most qualification matches won’t likely happen. But with being the robot that score stars into far and at least get cubes over the fence you now have obligation of descoring a probable 16pts which can be the difference in most matches, but you can also have those 16pts going in your favor instead of the 12pts for scoring. Now this also leads into scouting would you rather want someone who can score cubes or someone who can hang, the point differential is +/- 4pts. But you also have to think the hang is guaranteed points no one can take away from you. So the question really comes down to should you throw cubes or should you hang?

In an ideal world, you can do both. However, only time will tell for you if this is that ideal world

When weighing your options, it’s important to know that the maximum obtainable score is 80 points.

Yes but in that ideal world you will most likely win more matches with a hang then with cubes.

The best thing to do is have your robot prepared to do either. If your alliance cant hang but can launch cubes, then you hang, and vice versa.