Importance of Multiple Mogos

Do you guys think its necessary to be able to collect and hold multiple mobile goals? Or is being able to hold only one is fine as long as you can perform some other action such as being able to effectively and efficiently place rings on the top branch of the goals or lift the goals onto the platform from the side?

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Depends on your definition of necessary. If you want to win worlds, yes. If you want to win a tournament and you aren’t in a super competitive region, no. NorCal has already posted a video of a robot capable of full ring scoring while holding 2 goals.


I think it depends. You can certainly do well with only one goal capacity, especially if you can stack lots of rings on the high goal and alliance goals. But at the same time, I think it’s important to be able to adapt to any strategy you need to take since there are so many ways a tipping point match can play out. If you can only carry one goal, you’ve essentially lost access to any form of goal hoarding strategies, which might be very detrimental in a situation where you could have effectively employed that kind of strategy, if only you could carry more than one.

I don’t however think carrying more than 2 goals is necessary for a robot, as long as that robot can also do everything else. 2 goals is a reasonable design goal, and should be accomplishable without many significant tradeoffs, so I would shoot for that if you can.


This question was mainly raised by a question from one of my teammates regarding the viability of a robot similar to the one built by the Jersey Devils. Thought it was an interesting question, and wanted to share it with you guys.

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The main issue is going to be whether or not you can score effectively while wielding two goals. The robot in the reveal seems to only be able to pick up rings one at a time.


true, however this is because of the method of intaking, not because they have two goals. It’s certainly possible to make an intake capable of slurping up many rings and still have a two goal capacity.


Hmm, perhaps a DR4B which can hold a goal on its own while perhaps having some sort of hook/grapple while the lift is raised?

Would the issue there be weight distribution?

Are you going to lift a mogo with the dr4b or am I being dumb and misunderstanding you

no ur right, lift with the dr4b

I think the problem with this would be it would add a lot of strain due to the added weight when moving the lift as well as like you mentioned when you lift that weight on one side of your dr4b (mainly if the goal is on the back of the lift) it could cause tipping problems

I think its certainly possible (provided you are able to provide a counterweight). Perhaps rolling back the intakes and have some sort of smaller lift in the front to provide a counterweight?

That begs the question of why? I can see lifting goals with a normal 4 bar, but there is no need to lift a goal on a Dr4b. You only need to lift goals like 10 inches max.

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Yeah that is possible but like 9motor gang said the main question at that point is why use the dr4b as a mogo lift

I’ve heard people talk about that due to the dr4b also being used to collect rings in a similar way to the 2616J robot. Never really liked it though. Not exactly sure how you would fit a mogo lift inside a dr4b robot.

Perhaps they mean to carry them like that robot does in the reveal video? Is that even practical?

A lift like 2616J’s on the back of the double reverse four bar I think would be very practical since you would be able to lift goals onto the platform from the side in the last 30 seconds so they are safe and you can still get more points.

Something like this reveal that came out a few days ago.

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Only issue with that robot is that it can’t reach the top branch.

How exactly would you balance that?