Important Autonomous Ruling Questions Unanswered


As many of you are likely aware, there are currently 3 QnAs asking the same thing about autonomous, multiple of which making it clear that the answer is needed ASAP.

At the moment, there is currently a competition running where this rule is effectively being decided by those running the event, rather than an official answer.
(This competition, the Benton County Fair Signature Event, has also failed to follow multiple other rulings, but that has already been addressed in a different post)

If someone with the ability to answer QnAs, or someone who can contact someone who can, sees this, please do something about it.

Here are the QnAs I am referring to:


I think in the other thread it is mentioned that an announcement was made that the RECF is having the event continue with the same interpretation of the rules vs changing them in the middle for consistency of ruling.

Not ideal, but you will not find GDC answering the Q&A during an event that will impact how the event in progress is being run.


They can answer it whenever, I am aware that the event plans on keeping their rulings consistent. Whether or not it was clarified now wouldn’t change that, and it should be answered sooner rather than later


There is no way the gdc isn’t entirely aware of the issues, yet for some reason they’ve failed to answer any of the Q&As. Why they’ve done this I couldn’t say, but you are entirely correct that they absolutely need to clarify as soon as possible, otherwise many more events will suffer the same issues as this one.


The next event after the Benton Fair signature event is the Monroe County Season opener. This event takes place on the 7th, and I really hope @Grant_Cox or @VEX_GDC can decide one way or the other. I really don’t care what they do I just want consistency.


I am participating this Saturday and I am really hoping the rules are cleared up by then.


Regardless if it is cleared up or not, it is always good to bring these questions up at the Driver’s meeting. You should bring the Official Game Manual with highlighted sections, and Q&As. Get the interpretation resolved at beginning of day before matches start. You may not agree about how the event staff might interpret the rules, but you will at least be able to plan your day accordingly.

Have fun at the event!


I should do that to hopefully avoid confusion.



I wouldn’t count on the gdc at all to fix the auton scoring rules by then, if they haven’t done so in past month I find it unlikely that they’ll do so in the next few days. We can hope, but don’t bet your event on it.

This is probably your best bet to try and convince event staff to follow the manual scoring rules instead of their own, but their decisions will ultimately be out of your control, and if the rules aren’t clarified by then I hardly blame them for sticking to their interpretation.

The best thing you can do before that to prepare is to write multiple auton routes for the different sets of scoring rules they could possibly use. If they follow the manual exactly, you’ll only gain points from rings in alliance goals so you should have a program that does that. If they allow neutral goals to count as well but not platforms, you might want an auton that grabs neutral goals and takes them into your home zone. If they count all methods of scoring towards auton, parking with a goal is probably the best way to win auton.

What the gdc is essentially doing here is forcing competitors to make an array of auton routes to compensate for the wildly different ways events will be scoring autonomous if they want to be able to win auton at different events.


I am curious. How was the event handled with regards to auton rules?

The auton rules were to what the manual states. Most teams either just dumped rings in the mogo holding the platform or rushed a yellow mogo. In terms of rules in general, all of their rulings were done with a good interpretation of the manual.

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to inquire more specifically, did they count any goals in alliance home zones toward autonomous? or did they only count rings on alliance goals.

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As far as I’m aware, they did count them, as well as counting elevation in autonomous, which a QnA had already ruled incorrect

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this is incorrect. The status of goal home zone scoring is unclear, and they directly disobeyed a qna that stated that elevation does not count in auton

I might have missed that because I came late. This was is one of the early qual matches?

And yea they count both rings on alliance goals and goals in the alliance zone.

I might be reading into this wrong, but I think MiPlayer is referring to a competition that wasn’t the sig event. Unless you also went to the other event that wasn’t the sig event. Then I’m just really wrong.


A while ago, Sidoti from Vex was on vtow and clarified a couple of things. He basically said that auton scoring should be clarified sometime around next week and that there have been discussions on it, however, they still need to build consensus.


I’m glad to hear that the issue is finally being addressed, hopefully it really will be in a week (and not 8), so that it can be straightened out for future events. And I really hope it’s in the form of a manual update, not just answering the q&a’s, so that more people are made aware of the change, not just those few of us checking the q&a.


Hopefully the GDC still plans on answering some q and a today. If they don’t, another tournament will have to make the decision on their own.

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Early season - right now it does not appear that the RECF EEM has given it qualifying spots yet. It may be that they are not in the threshold of the Qualifying Criteria document of 6 organizations / 33% metric at the moment.

  1. If a Tournament has fewer than 6 organizations registered, no organization may have more than33% of the total number of registered teams. Organizations are defined by the location of the hosting school or group. Having multiple team numbers or listing different names when a group meets together does not constitute a separate organization. However, each school in a district is recognized as a different organization and should have their own set of team numbers.

I expect the event to be cognizant of the current Q&A “gray areas” and make clarifying statements at the Drivers Meeting, and Teams should bring concerns to the Drivers Meeting if they believe it will impact their game strategy.

Best of luck to teams competing this weekend! Have fun!