Important Discovery I have not read any of the rules, but it has recently come to my attention that the cones are asymmetrical on the field in the location that I have circled. Will this give one side an advantage over the other?

No. You’ll notice the field is symmetrical across the up-left to down-right diagonal. This is also the line that the teams are divided across.

What is your definition of “Side”? Each alliance has an opportunity to have a robot with either access to the loader or access to 4 extra cones on the field.

Are you sure, don’t they just start on the red and blue squares like last year?

Salutations, my comrades. Whilst I have naught studied the book of rules, I have that seen a vision that thy cones art asymmetrical on thine field in a location that myself has indeed circled. Will this give one side an advantage over the subject of this situation, or subject being referred to is the difference of the game objects on the field?

Teams start with their robots touching the Starting Bar (the long diagonal stripe of white tape in each corner).

Maybe you should, as this question is answered quite early on :slight_smile:

They start touching their starting bar. Which is why it’s called the starting bar.

And even if they started on their own colored squares, there’s still a red and blue robot on both sides - the one with more cones, and the one with fewer cones.

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At this point, given the number of posts and your responses, I know this is a joke. But I will say that definition 1 of “side” in the screenshot you posted above fits. You just have to turn your head about 45 degrees to the left, and voilà, you have two positions to the left and right of a central point.


Wait, if you haven’t read the rules, how did you find this image?

Google images

If anyone ever wants field renders, PLEASE use the ones in the manual or the ones here.
All the other ones are usually bad.

This demonstrates the point of how this is fair… I can’t tell who is joking and who isn’t at this point.

I’m pretty sure everyone is…

I imagine the first person wasn’t, but now it has spiraled out of control.

you’re doing me a confuse fren

Just to refresh you, remember there is the auto loaders, as well as there is no cone below the auto loader. Keep in mind if that :wink: