Important update for all people watching my videos

Recently, on a vex discord, I was contacted and received some advice

And I’m sorry to say this, but I think he’s right. Further more, due to the fact that the general concept for my robot is so widespread, and the fact that I’m detailing every single aspect of my robot, anyone that actually goes ahead with the team 62 chain bar system idea will look like they copied me. However, I’m not done with youtube. You guys here on the forum, and my subscribers (I’m going to post a video about this), can suggest ideas on what I can do. Anything from cad to strategy talk, general build quality to geartrain design, and even just building random (possibly impractical) stuff for your and my amusement, I’m open to anything. Again, sorry to anyone who regularly watches my videos to gain great ideas and to get a competitive edge, but I to also want to make it to worlds (possibly win too) To sum it up, I’m no longer going to be revealing my advancements and designs, but I still wish to be a positive force in the community, and to mentor those who are new to the sport. Thanks for all your support of my quirky and awkward personality, you guys really helped inspire me to do great things.

Personally, I think the feeling of secrecy being necessary in order to win is a little over-the-top. I enjoy using different online media to share and discuss ideas with people from around the world. If you would rather stop sharing as publicly as you have, that’s your choice, but I enjoyed your videos because they made the already very competitive community feel more open and friendly. Thank you for that.

For the record, my team 8020 pioneered the plunger intake based on Aura’s skyrise 3D printed design. We posted a video on 5/22/17 as a time stamp, in case we decide to apply for the innovate award. A few days later you showed everyone how to make one . We are currently on the fifth iteration and have not given away any of the details.

I don’t care what you do, but there are very few truly new ideas in vex (pretty much everything has already been done and just gets reused). If you actually have something new, better to get the credit for it imo because someone else will wind up with it too if it’s truly better.

It looks like his can actually release the object and yours cant.

@tabor473 fair enough, but it had and has a release. That is kind of the point though; the details were intentionally left out. Regardless, @antichamber I wish you great success with VEX and your YouTube channel.

:slight_smile: thanks

@antichamber I just wanted to say thank you for posting all of your videos, and it is your choice what to post in the future. However, I think that you should know that you posting all of the ideas you have actually may be incredibly beneficial to the vex community. Your videos inspire hundreds of teams to think that if they want to be the best, they have to make something better than what you have. Meanwhile, you are already making what you have better. Anyway, you videos will in general make this year’s game more challenging (which is a great thing) and therefore more competitive. Again, it is your choice whether you post or not, but your posts are a very positive thing for the vex community as a whole.

I wish you the best of luck this year, and I’m sure you will go far.

With respect to 86868, who built an awesome robot and drove it very well, which I do not intend to take from them, I don’t believe they did anything extremely innovative. Their robot was consistent with the meta. There were some unique aspects, but not ones that people would necessarily copy. And - ignoring for the moment the butterfly effect, since winning VEX Worlds is such a fickle and challenging goal - their live streaming wouldn’t enable anyone to build a robot better than or as good as theirs. What they built could be copied to the degree that copiers will copy by following the meta.

Again, I’m sure there were unique aspects of 86868’s robot, and there are always small but important challenges that determine who the world champion ends up being at the end of the day, which they nailed, but there wasn’t anything that stuck out to specifically copy.

A couple things here. First, I don’t think it’s fair to say 400S “copied” 62’s puncher (even in air quotes). First, punchers would have come about with or without 62’s early season robot. Second, I know 62 used a cam mechanism, and though I can’t say for sure, I’m pretty sure that 400S used a slip gear.

Second, almost everything @antichamber has done so far (double reverse four-bar, chain-bar arm, and over-the-top cone intake at least) is what I have been planning since almost day one. Is his development going to affect the arc of the meta? Yes. Are his ideas 100% unique? No.

I suppose we can’t say for sure what would have happened. I simply don’t think that 62’s cam robot was earth-shattering as far as the meta went in NbN.

Yeah, 929W’s early season flywheel was far more influential.

Um, 8059A in NbN?

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I agree, there were almost no solely puncher bots. A team that affected the meta greatly would be 2R’s puncher+flywheel robot.

The sad truth is that most people tend to forget about early season release.

And of course, in general, singapore robots are under-appreciated (except by those true connoisseurs of robots :slight_smile: )

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They did start the single flywheel meta.

Unknown to most ppl - we actually brought a dr4b down for worlds during gateway. :slight_smile:

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After trying out my vexplorer stuff, I found out that powering the camera at 6 volts causes the video to occasionally flip out, getting worse the further away I traveled. This, coupled with the incredibly low resolution and graininess of the video, has made me decide that I WILL keep making videos like I did in the past, but I be taking them with the vexplorer camera, powered at 6 volts

I don’t understand what the point would be then.

so people can get inspired to build something that works as well as the robot in the video, without giving away too much detail