Important update for all people watching my videos

Then write a small write up or something like you would use in your design notebook.

Unrelated to the current topic of the thread, but related to it as a whole, @antichamber 's videos remind me of the contless number of videos team 46644C posted (LEER’s team) posted at the beginning of Starstruck. For the record, none of those designs became a lasting meta, and I can’t imagine this being much different than that.

It actually ended up wasting a good number of teams’ time. My team wasted half a year on it. Maybe you can waste people’s time instead of helping them with your videos :wink:

I thought about this a lot. I guess you can really argue for either side, to post or not to post.
But here’s what I’ll tell you. If you are innovating in this competition, trying out completely new ideas or strategies (provided they are decent), you most likely are walking in the front of the design evolution of the season. Usually people who copy designs from other people’s videos end up presenting an obsolete, inefficient design at the end of the season. There are many, many examples. Say, NBN. The cam or slip gear puncher idea and design were out there before the first tournament was even held. But at worlds, few teams adopted that design for close range scoring. And if you look at NBN high school grand finals, I really think that single flywheels were slightly better than punchers. Another example. 323Z, which sadly doesn’t play anymore, tried out multiple mainstream designs in skyrise, and they were all very very good robots, and they finally settled with a double reverse lift at the end of the season.
My point is, people who tend to just google and copy can hardly catch up with innovators who are shooting for higher and higher goals. Keep trying out new designs, keep perfecting your existing design, never stop striving for more. In fact, the ideas themselves factor in only a portion in the success. Build quality, program quality, drive skill, engineering decision making, time, physical and human resource allocation and a lot more will separate simple copy cats from truly high achieving teams. And whether you choose to publicize your designs or not is really your choice.
I’d say your videos are great, as they gave less experienced competitors a direction to dive into. But the big sharks in the tank, hehe. They probably have already prototyped it, along with many other strategies.