Importing a library with global arrays

In EasyC V4, I created a library to house all the things I normally use in competition projects, but when I go to import it, I get an error message “Invalid library gobal variable name!”
My library has global arrays, which I think may be the cause, but it also has some global variables of a user-defined type. Are the arrays the problem? How can I work around this? (The arrays don’t need to be visible to the user of the library, nor do the custom-type variables.)

It is indeed the global arrays.

To reproduce:
Make a new autonomous project, add one global array (eg char test[3]), save it as a library, then make a new competition project and try to import the library. This gives me the error message “Invalid library global variable name!”

I can work around this, but how can I get ReadMe.txt, UserInclude.h, and any source files to import with the library under Library Files?

I will pass this information along to the developers. Sorry about the issue.

In the mean time I’d just make a blank project that is configured the way you want. Then save it and make a copy of the folder.