Importing field parts to fusion

I did some looking around on the form and I couldn’t find anything about this. How do I import the game field and balls into fusion? I have a robot chassis done and I am looking to get some intakes and stuff going. Thanks in advance.

you can download a .step file of the field CAD, then open in in fusion, and save the game pieces as a separate part file (I’m assuming fusion works this way, I did this in inventor)

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@Xenon27 is right. To import the Change Up field, I downloaded the field STEP file, unzipped it, and uploaded the file into Fusion 360. To get a single ball, I right clicked on a ball in the browser tab and clicked export. After that, you can click and drag your new ball file into the desired project.

The field STEP file is on this page underneath the Docs & Downloads tab.


Thanks. This worked for me.