Importing Old easy C files to easyC V4 for Cortex

Greetings all:

I just got the new easyC V4 Cortex prgramming disk and was trying to important our current easyC V2 file to it. I followed the instructions in the program for importing, changed file extension from .ECP to .ECPX, when I tried to open the ECPX file easyC V4 would not do so. Message said failure to open file…filename.

Ok this was my first try at this, I spent all evening looking for the obvious but did not find it. What am I missing. I changed the file as Admin and was Admin when running the program. Possible solutions, anyone.

You cannot import V2/Pro projects into V4. If you want you can convert them to C Code and then import the .c files. But, this is for advanced users.