Importing VCS Code into VEXcode

So my team plans to switch to VEXcode and we were wondering if we would just be able to copy and paste our VCS code into it?

you can either copy & paste the code or simply import the VCS program file.


Here is how to import .vex file into a new project:

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How do you enable “expert robot configuration” after you import to adjust the confiq

There is no choice as only expert is available, in other words, because of the file structure of VCS projects the graphical config has to be disabled, so you are by default using expert.


How do we edit the confiq after we import from VCS.


This is the screen and message that we receive when we upload from VCS to text based and we cannot alter the confiq and do not know what options to change.

Any advice jpearman

Hm, perhaps rename robot-config.h (and then change the reference in main.cpp). Looks like VEXcode thinks that is read only file. VEXcode will not make the graphical config available for imported VCS projects. Alternatively, create a new project (you can have multiple projects open at once) and just cut and paste the code over.