Improved H-Drive Footage (On YouTube)

This is the link to footage of my new H-Drive. It uses shock absorbers to reduce slipping. This is the new 409B channel.

It uses shock absorbers seen in the thumbnail to apply pressure onto the wheel, which makes sure it never loses contact with the floor. The gear ratio is 1:2 for torque.

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Can we get a longer one? You show that it can do “translation” as a move, can you show that rotation still works well? Lots of teams get hung up with choosing an H drive since the don’t think it will turn any more.

Which shocks did you use?

Can you post how you connected them?

I think shocks are one of the most underrated parts, but for applications like yours they make a huge difference.


Nice. I love it , our team did a very similar thing in next level but with rubber bands.

I’ll work on it, but the brain we used is fussy, and won’t download any teleop programs.

I used the light gray shock absorbers.

Yeah, sure.


Nice, thanks for the updated pictures.

The big discussion on H drive is one or two wheels. I think I’ve seen you post both. How do you decide on how many wheels to use? I’ve always thought one for turning, since the single wheel acts as a pivot. Two for more traction, your thoughts?

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This is the first time I’ve tried the 2 wheel. I think, though, it might help with turning. No real evidence, I just think it will for some reason. It is almost vital to having a structurally sound suspended H-Drive, as it prevents a single wheel from becoming a fulcrum and messing with the orientation, to the point where something bends backwards and has to be fixed. I don’t know about 2 wheels on 1 shaft, though.

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Oh, I had forgotten about two omni on the same shaft. So that’s three configurations

  1. Single Omni
  2. Two Omni same shaft
  3. Two Omni edge to edge

(I guess you could go crazy with 4 omni - two on each shaft, two pairs edge to edge. But that leads to crazy talk of the 12 omni wheel drive base with 4 pairs of omni in a standard tank drive config with 4 omni’s in the H position with 2 pairs edge to edge. :roll_eyes: )


That would also make your robot unnecessarily heavy. Until I experimented with it, I didn’t realize how valuable moving fast with a light robot was. Also, if you are doing an H-Drive for Rise Above, bear in mind that you can’t drive over the scoring zones as the H-Drive often gets stuck in them.

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I recall some other team who made a similar design a few years back during the hub game (forgot the name, sadly) in order to get the robot over the bumps. It worked fairly well for that purpose.


I’d like to see that if you have any picture/video. We vetoed that design for Next Level because it got stuck on the bumps.

I had one team that did the H drive for next level and what saved them was the shocks. It not only kept the wheel on the floor, but allowed it to come up and over the 2x humps. For that one we used the weaker shocks.