Improved Lift Prototype w/Intake

I have made some edits to my original elevator lift. As some of you had predicted, I did run into some friction problems once I added the intake and cones. I fixed this by adding an alignment bar for the first stage, which has worked perfectly, while only reducing the range by an inch or so. I can only stack 6 cones, but I could easily added another stage with an alignment bar to achieve 8-10 cones.

Excellent lift. Are you planning on adding rubber bands?

I don’t think so. It’s pretty fast when I use it at full speed, and rubber bands add friction to the slides if they aren’t used carefully.

True, though there must be some configuration in which your intake could be counterbalanced by the backwards force of rubber bands.

Yes it’s fast, but what if it was REALLY fast? :slight_smile:

Maybe… I’ll look into it.

Could you please make a video looking a little bit closer at the lift or would you like to keep it a secret? :slight_smile: Ever since I saw the competition trailer, I was planning on making a lift like 1103, but I can’t afford to use 6 motors.

Sure, I’ll make a close-up vid. 1103 was using 6 269 motors, but he had to hang his robot. 4 393 motors give about 15-20% more torque compared to 6 269 motors.