Improvements for x-drive (holomonic) chassis?

So our x drive chassis is the typical 4 motor and full omni setup with a few minor changes. We plan to mount our lift which is somewhat heavy, a puncher, and our intake system. This whole ordeal would most likely triple the weight of our chassis, which would be fine but we need some ideas to get it working better than before. Any tips on build quality, decreasing friction, ideas to improve maneuverability, streamlining the plat scaling process, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Newcomb robotics team B.

It would be great if you could post a picture of its current form, then we can provide more specific evidence.

Ok, I will post a pic tomorrow.

if you really want to decrease weight I’d scrap the lift since caps aren’t worth enough to be a real part of the game. but I sense this isn’t the type of answer you’re looking for…

try using your intake to assist in climbing, or use your lift to push back against the center and direct park. I found out I could park directly onto the center by intentionally tipping into it during my last comp, it was really cool.

Your senses were right, as I said before weight isn’t the greatest issue, in fact our team has realized that the chassis is way to jittery and fast for it’s own good, being very easy to push around. I failed to mention that the chassis bit was built and designed in less than 3 hours. Addressing the second bit we have dabbled in using other methods of plat scaling similar to the one described, It was able to get half of itself onto the center plat from the ground.

Thanks for the tips, best regards NEW.Bs

may I ask why X drive instead of mechanums?

Well we only got the mechanum wheels yesterday and the parts that we get are at the mercy of our teacher (Yes our team is a part of a classroom with a regular teacher as a coach), so we couldn’t do anything with that. Today we actually thought of trying to Frankenstein together some weird hybrid of the 2, do you know if this would work?

I saw your team name in your desc and remembered I saw that team compete at a scrimmage at Cabrillo HS in November, it’s a small word we live in.

ah yes that event…
I was all alone there… after showing up at the wrong place… hmm… then being asked for alliance with 2nd place team, after they rejected me and declining them because I made a promise to my sister team…

anyways, if you can climb the platforms decently an X drive is fine.

Yeah, It takes only around 20 seconds to get to center plat, the best we can do with our current stick on wheels.

eeesh 20 seconds is pretty bad tbh… better just let your partner take center.

We can get 9 points easily with 3 other bots in the field, so 20 seconds is worth it.

mmmm if you say so… most robots can do it in 5 or so though, so I don’t recommend taking center if you can avoid it…

This is our fourth chassis and we have only applied it in our in-class games twice, It is only a stick on wheels that is still really iffy, our old design with all the stuff on it could get way more points. We have a great lift that can put caps on the poles easily, a puncher that can position itself and shoot with the same motor, and an intake that can work well. The most important aspect of our robot is the chassis, and most of our time has been searching for the best one.

Do you think an x drive with mecanum wheels would work, it sounds silly and good at the same time.

an x drive with mechanums would probably just drive like a normal drive I think…? I saw some discussions about 2 strait mechanums in the front, 2 angled omnis in the back, but at that point just go all mechanum.

here’s some pictures of our chassis, built in one day and fairly solid. I would advise against cantilevering the wheels like we did though…


IMG_2925 IMG_2928