Improvements/Opinions on our bot

I just wanted suggestions on our bot since we got states in about a week. I currently have a 200 RPM 44w motor drive (3:7). We have a 22w motor lift (2 bar) with a flywheel 11w. (note: about peak rpm is about maybe 4200 RPM) I currently use only 200 RPM motors (I’m getting 6 600 RPM motors on Wensday!! :smile:) but anyway I have a 11w motor intake. I only have a photo of our old design but I can get a picture as soon as I can.

This was our old design, but very janky and build quality was not the best on this version of the bot. The drive is the same. I have plans to make the intake to a flex wheel intake and a lift on the back. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for your responses!

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Yeah no offense that other robot was pretty cursed.


On a side note though, those outer c-channels on your drivetrain seem to be bending outwards. On your new robot I would brace that quite a bit.

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I wouldn’t worry much about getting a shooter mechanism because of the newer games, and since you have an intake, you can bowl using that. One thing I would do is make a mech intake. This would help so your rubber bands won’t get damaged as easily as they are now. All you would have to do is put mesh over the rubber bands. Other than that, just practice driving and coding.

I would recommend cross bracing the intake. Add some standoffs on the c-channels that hold the intake then attach a c-channel on both sides. Like this:

Also I see no bearing flats on it??? Those are very important to reduce friction. On the intake bracing why is it not level? I see no reason that you couldn’t do what you did for one side o the other. It will make it a lot smoother.

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yeah no it’s fine. My bot got cursed, as our robot in the first match didn’t move bc of field faults :smiling_face_with_tear:. It was so cursed it was drifting and build quality was very low.


yeah no i understand I do not know why our builders had almost no bearing flats

got rid of the intake and made it a pushbot. Also got rid of cata but lift needs 2m bc of how heavy the flywheel is. might just make it stationary and connected to the bot with a wing on the side.

Uhh i am noticing that your drive doesnt have any whatsoever support
I reccomend at least 2 full length crossbraces (We have 3 and our dt has only about .2 watts of friction max

But yeah as @Gigahertz.t said

Blockquote Yeah no offense that other robot was pretty cursed.

yeah no old design of robot

You seem to be running 466rpm on 4” wheels, which is wayyyy too fast for 44w drive. You probably have to use 88w drive to have enough torque. Personally I would recommend make you drive 11in/s(±20%) faster for each motor you are using for your base.
Eg: 66w 300/342rpm on 4 inch wheels were both nice ratios(62.8/71.6in/s)
66w 450 rpm on 3.25 were pretty fast ratios but still ok(76.5in/s)

what if i replace my 84s for 60s and put those motors on the 32s?

I believe you cant do that as there isn’t enough space to fit in a 4 inch wheel between a 36t and 60t gear. However 360 rpm on 3.25” wheel is a pretty decent ratio

How do you even get that?

We might end up running 450 3.25 if we get to worlds

300rpm= 600 on 36:72
342rpm= 600 on 48:84
360rpm= 600 on 36:60