Improvements to "Gearing up for Success"

I’ve been giving my elementary IQ teams the “Gearing up…” book and they are struggling with it. They are not good with writing text about what they are doing. I think I have figured out the issue, it’s the even pages don’t give enough space for text. They are taught to “stay on the line”, the “grid box” makes that hard. (and some treat the boxes like a crossword, one letter in a box)

So I’d like to suggest that the even pages be entirely of lines like at the bottom of the page. (or even better, smaller closer dots like on the “Brainstorming” Page. The odd pages would stay the same. This would give them a facing pages of Field, place to Sketch, and place to write lots of text.

While I’m asking for upgrades, can one of the early pages be given over to a drawing of the possible gear ratios? I’ve found in EDR training the picture at the link really helps. For IQ parts if the picture or drawing would include the standard gears and the 24 / 48 tooth gears too. Bonus would be to add the ratios of the spiral gears to the other gears.

The QR code for…udge-guide.pdf (inside back cover) is a dead link.

Please keep the pocket at the back!!!

(Picture to add – )